A Roof Above My Head?

I could rant the whole day about the roofing in this place we now call home. In a previous post I spoke briefly about being upset and disappointed the whole family is at how the roofing system here seem to have failed our normal and ordinary expectations.

First, it doesn't drain water as it should. Imagine watching, on a given rainy day, the rain freely draining down the walls of the dirty kitchen. Apparently, there is no effective structural provision that prevents rainwater from pooling and seeping through the down spouts. We have to clean the kitchen always after rain. More importantly this condition has already damaged half of the dirty kitchen roof, with molds all over and maybe affecting the wiring of the kitchen lighting as I am writing this down

From the little that I know, there is always an up and down and round of eaves, valleys, gutters, waterspouts, waterheads and drainpipes installed systematically to remove roof water more effectively and efficiently. Otherwise, it could cause permanent damage as seepage leading to the foundation can cause unwarranted damp and then rot. Obviously, there is a clear roofing design failure here.

And what are the property owners saying? Since day 1, they promised to fix the problem. It's been almost 2 1/2 months. And see, outside it looks rain again. Heck!!! And that is just the draining issue. There still the attic insulation that continue to worry me.

Please see wiki entry on roofs here.