My Version of Manhattan Transfer

Yes I am kind of back in the blogging world. After almost two months of hiatus I hope to stay for good and as often as I can.

My hiatus if I can call it that was really just about my Manhattan Transfer. Doesn't that sound like a band or a singing group in the 70's? or was that the 80's?

Anyway, from Cambridge, we are now here in Manhattan. From Massachusetts to New York. Just kidding. These are the names of the streets in the village where we live. Yup, we are in the same community. Just a much smaller place and lots more of "dwelling issues", such as:

1. Drainage - rain water plus drainage water combined causes a havoc in the "system?" Large amounts of water flow chokes the so called system. Heck!!!
I referred this immediately to Marikina City's Engineering, as well as Health and Sanitation units (stink)but they said we should fix it up first with the property owner. Ooohkayyyy!

2. Drainage Stink - every morning we get to inhale this oh so rancid stink. My body meaning my breathing system totally rejects this. My solution so far? I light up my meditation incense stick. And I do this every single day. And I am beginning to get curious about the chemical composition of the incense stick I am using. That should be the topic of my future posts.

3. Roofing issue - some of the down spouts are corroded resulting to water oozing out and directly flows into our dirty kitchen. It literally becomes dirty every time it rains. Whew!

4. We have our own version of mighty mouse. Eeewww! And we were told the place was being pest and termites controlled, since the place was built only two years ago.

Owws? Yah?

5. The attic - we were assured it is habitable. But, now, I doubt. I am still researching on how to resolve this important issue because my son is housed in the attic. When it is too hot which occurs more often now, he can barely rest nor sleep. WTF!!! Sorry.

All these issues need to get resolved soon, most specially the attic or else...