Feverish $1000 up for grabs

Danny of GH Feverish launched a contest that shall award a whooping $1000. I guess that's U.S. dollars. Now, that's what you call a PRIZE. Not that I am underestimating other blog contests. It is just that this particular one is so a money maker. Wonderful. Awesome. I should win something by just making those descriptions.

Anyway, I hope you out there reading this would take a chance. Even if you do not need the dough - if only for the exhilaration.

Why not? See Danny's post about this contest here.

Here are the details of the contest in compliance with contest rule that I post it in my blog.

Prize: $1,000 cash
Launch Date: September 18, 2008
Contest Ends: November 18, 2008
Entity to Draw Winners: Random.org

Ways to earn points in order to qualify and join:

* Subscribe to the RSS Feed of GH Feverish (required; 1 entry)
* Comment on the contest post (required; 1 entry)
* Digg, Technorati, Stumble or Reddit the contest post (1 entry per site)
* Blog about the contest post (5 entries)

"At the moment, these are the only entry options, but THERE WILL BE MORE". So all contest joiners need to check back regularly.

I am posed to earn 8 points already. What about you.