A view from my living room window

Communities are of varied temperaments much like the people who inhabit them. Where we are right now, I must admit, I am not too happy. No offense meant to the patron saint of the place, people here seem not to care for each other. Absolutely, lacking is the warmth, that most villages like this are expected to exude. A lone neighbor however, seems to be too friendly for comfort. When we just moved here, and those were the last quarter of that year, a couple of lay people made their best effort to invite us for church activities. Unfortunately, the timing was a little off.

Almost six years later, this year, I kind of regret not having shared and welcomed that invitation. Or do I?

Because I found out that the reason why there seems to be no fun at all among neighbors, is the fact that, there are three home owners associations around --- and they are all fighting with each other. Each to his own :-(

Anyway, when days seem lonely and whenever I find myself alone, I sit by my favorite sofa and find solace in the company of our furniture. As an acquaintance once articulated, some furnishings acquire the 'soul' of its owners through time. I wonder.

So on some hot afternoons, l gaze outside my living room window and ask myself, is this how it is to live in a suburban community tagged as a city?

Someday, I'd go back to this post and say, how good it was then.