Ibanag's From 2 to 3 and Two to Zero

This blogging experience seems to be getting better and better everyday. Last night, my partner told me that his PR2 rank was restored by Google. Where it was PR0 for the last couple of months, he was ecstatic he's back under Google's good grace.

For me, well this blog also noted an increase. My two others retained its PR but one blog, that one, talking about health and wellness was downgraded to PR0 from PR2. Ooohhh that hurts.

The truth is I have earned a little money from my blogs. Very, very liiitttllle actually. But if I were paying my own broadband utilities, then what I earned will just pay for 3 months
(My son pays for our BB) broadband service. That is the unrefined truth. But that's okey. It's really the amount of time and effort I continue to invest in this 'endeavor' that makes me hopeful. I know that something more meaningful will ensue.

In the mean time, back to grinding my next post topic/s :-)