Entrepreneurial Makeover - are they the nouveau riche

The secret of making money is commonly associated with a passionate belief in an innovative idea. It is rooted in hard work, determination and perseverance which requires the ability to mobilize resources to set a new concept in motion. Making money requires a fresh outlook, a new way of doing. Its mandate is to maximize meager resources at hand in order to effectively start a new beginning. A new business venture, yes, but at the same time looking far ahead. This is how the entrepreneurs do it.

They are the new breed of business men who start with risks and uncertainty. Comfortable in their respective enclaves, they leave the security of their financial environment for the road less traveled. With guts, they create and recreate products, expand markets or offer new services in places where there was an obvious lack or have been otherwise served before. Individuals who take this road are the nouveau riche. They are the new breed of entrepreneurs who are creative, who dare dream, and against all odds, beat the system of old and text-book style of doing and managing a business.

The nouveau riche is a good innovator, never complacent but persistent in discovering new materials, or something different, comfortable in the idea that new means a possible advantage in terms of cost benefit analyses. They are good at spotting trends, and have an eye for new technologies, never afraid to try the new and see how this can integrate with the old. Because the entrepreneur believes, that there is always a way to improve something that will benefit his area of business, satisfactorily.

The essence of the risk taking attitude of the nouveau riche stems from the fact that he’s had hard times somewhere in his life. Unlike the old rich, he knows how it is to be with nothing or nothing much. And it is this very same spirit that moves him to create and provide and to stir and to improve until the next opportunity comes along. It is definitely not an entrepreneurial make over.