Another Financial Survival Strategy

Back when I was still traversing the corporate jungle, money issues were a daily common occurence. Issues like I need a new this, I’ve got to have a new that. Things I needed like a new formal attire, because of the job; sudden turn of events that required money, like losing my mobile phone, or losing cash to thieves. Or maybe, the children immediately needing things in school that were not part of the monthly budget. All these conditions certainly required funding.

I realized at that point, that being employed didn’t mean freedom from debt at all. Being employed served as a financial crutch, more than anything else. In fact, employment sort of emboldened workers like myself to have more conviction about so many things, like acquiring things for the children or for the home, or taking a much needed vacation and how about this -- taking out a payday loan.

After all, there’s the salary and the bonus to cover those unexpected purchases or expenses. The fact is, concerns about un-programmed expenditures were part of an employees' normal life. I am certain to this day, that taking loans was as regular as taking a daily bath. Just learn to be good at managing it. More than 15 years employed and there were countless times I experienced needing cash to pay my credit card bill, pay the children’s tuition, buy a household appliance that unexpectedly got busted, etc.

My solution during those crunch times were payday loans or cash advance. Unexpected cash requirements at home were answered through, good heavens, by this economic survival tool. Cash advances were easy to obtain, reasonably designed for the pocket, and quick enough to cover a sudden need. I didn’t have to go to the pawnbrokers to get a loan for my jewelries, safe and it was such a comfort. Payday loans proved to be one of my employment survival strategies. Truly, saved me from unnecessary distress and financial worries.