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Ibanag and Blogging Fusion

I got into this new blogging community. Well, to increase my online visibility, that's why. Initially, blogging was a means to drown my on and off depression. It kept me busy and productive in a way and I am succeeding I suppose. My new shot of adrenaline urges me to take it to the next level. Meaning - on a permanent basis, if things go well. The 'next level' means to make something out my blog/s. How on earth I'd accomplish that is another story. But that's my plan.

For starters, I am trying to change the look of my blog. At the moment I could not afford to ask a professional to change my blog's design. To improve it aesthetically, you see. I am on my way. The sooner the better. Once I get something going, I promise I will give Ibanag In the City a blog makeover. Also as part of the change, I removed the widgets of unproductive communities (in terms of increasing my blog's audience or readers). I know content has also something to do with that and I realize I need to improve on that too. I WILL get there.

Recently, I joined amazon. Amazon allowed me as its member associate to put up a store in my blog. It is called Ibanag Store - set-up to sell books. Problem is :-(, up until now, the store remains invisible. Something wrong with my linkage and I am trying to do something about this. Aaarrgghh.

Patience is a virtue as articulated by one of James Clavell's characters in Shogun. I will get there.


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