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Living Vapor Trails

Could it be true that other than this innocent looking vapor trails from  a passing jet,  some form of  chemical/s are released from the sky by not so well-meaning people?

And for what use? I shudder at the thought and the possibilities..
My grand children were observing these vapor trails slowly dissipate in the sky one sunny and windy afternoon..

Living Aya's Moon

Yoya Look Moon

Yoya (Lola) look.. moon..
Little words from my small grandchild.
I wonder does she think it's a dot in the sky? Or something that one can touch given a very tall ladder?
Someday she will learn that man was supposed to have reached and landed on the moon just about  the time her Lola  started her freshman studies in college.. i am sure to her, that would seem a long, long time ago.

Living Moonshine

Moonshine look Lola! Is that a dot or a plate I wonda'? Aya  my dear, It's the moon, is that clear?
It's not twinkle, twinkle little star But shine shine moon
There you are Aya is singing as if in a croon.