Living and Peace and Order

Who is to blame?

All over the radio: two adult siblings kill an unsuspecting new cum laude grad as she was trying to buy some snack at a not so late 7:00 P.M.. This happened in Bacoor.  It appears that the two were both  drug crazed as they confessed over the radio while both their wives claim they didn't have any drug  habit. One of the wives was  pregnant with her 3rd or 2nd child. Both women are under 25 years old.

One of the suspects was a tricycle diver and older one a vegetable vendor. Presumably, both do not possess any education. Motive of the killing was robbery but also  indicated attempted rape. It seem that cases like this abound elsewhere.

Who do we blame for these two men's -

1. drug habits
2. apparent economic deprivation
3. lack of education
4. appearance of uncontrolled birth