Living and Elections Again

The Fiesta called Elections 2013

It is election season once again. Officially, it begins today with the candidates' filing their COC or Certificate of Candidacy. More than 2,000 local and national positions are at stake. Precisely, candidates have started to troop down to the Comelec offices as early as 9:00 A.M.

It is demotivating however to see mostly recycled if not "re-dynastied" candidates. What is there to look forward to?

Uninterestingly, it seems that gold remains THE currency of the season. Is it still surprising that a qualified person who posses the right convictions and intention to lead will not be able to make it because he is poor.

Comelec says that candidates are only authorized to spend 10 pesos per voter. If we have 40 million national voters ergo the candidates need around 400 million pesos. That is definitely pocket change.

I guess, running a candidacy is much like putting up a business. Business that needs financing - continuously developed for growth and later, can be passed on.

Capitalization needs financing - supporters who have vested interests; those who want protection for their numerous businesses. And there's many of the kind. aargghh