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Christmas Tree or Not

October will soon be over. My how time flies. Wasn't that yesterday when I dismantled our Christmas tree? Yes, that was like March this year. My son who is based abroad came for his Christmas holidays last  February. He requested me to allow the Christmas tree to stay until both he and GF arrive, "to retain that holiday ambiance,"  even though Valentines was just around the corner.

This year I was thinking of putting up the holiday tree in November. Problem? My old tree is gone. I practically threw it away because it is old,  mud filthy and moldy from Ondoy. Yes,  I managed to salvage and use it for Christmasses  2009 to 2011. And it definitely served its purpose well considering I bought it in 2002.

Our old tree

For Christmas 2012, I am not very sure. I will leave it at that.