Living and Crimes

Preventing Crimes in the City

How  do we address the problem of criminality?

As of September 2012, according to the PNP, total crime rate is at 18%. It doesn't help to know that this is already a reduced rate from 22% in 2011.

City living means citizens have to contend with everyday criminality like kidnapping, crimes committed by motorcycle riding individuals, bank and highway  robberies, carnapping,  illegal gambling, crimes committed against environment protection, human trafficking, smuggling, prostitution and many more.

In all of these criminality, it would definitely help if there is consistent police visibility in our communities. Criminal offenders would think twice if there is constant law enforcement presence.  All criminals shudder at the thought of getting caught. So seeing police cars on regular patrol in crime prone areas, criminals would perhaps think twice before committing a crime.

The introduction of CCTVs or closed circuit TVs also in crime prone areas could help reduce crime by helping identify suspects. Take for example the case of a major network's Account Executive and his companion.  The victims apparently lost their way and when they asked for directions from those who looked like they were from the locality. They were lead into a dead end alley where a hold-up was announced.

It looks like that the criminal offenders were identified by a CCTV camera installed at the  roadside eatery where the victims ate their early morning breakfast and where the suspects were apparently looking out for their prey. The victims were shot. Fortunately, they lived to tell their story.

For us ordinary citizens, we have to be vigilant, always conscious of our surroundings, alert and wary with people who act suspiciously around our homes. Maybe, we can start saving up for a CCTV. Or urge and request our city officials to install CCTV's  in major streets of the community.

Is this too much to ask?