Living with the possibility

Universe save us from the evils of physical order

A religious "snippet" or research or explanation shared by a batchmate in a social network site which really caught my attention because I have been kind of worried about the recent occurrences of earthquakes in the different parts our country.

We live near the West Valley Fault and from my own research this area where we are sits on top of that fault :-(   I am confused.. are natural disasters or occurrences brought about of the evil side of this life?

I quote:

"For your information, there are many kinds of EVIL in this world and most people are not aware on this. These are evils of spiritual orders, physical orders and social orders.

1. Evils of spiritual order – which can harm the supernatural life of our souls… example SIN which is spreading as the worst and most pernicious of epidemics bringing sickness and death everywhere to many souls. If you live habitually in the state of mortal sin, you are ‘spiritually DEAD’, and if you come to the end of life in this state, ETERNAL DEATH awaits you.

2. Evils of a physical order – such as infirmity, disasters, accidents, draughts, earthquakes, and incurable diseases which are spreading about. Even in that which happens to us in the natural order, see a warning sign for ourselves. We should see a sign of divine justice which cannot allow the innumerable crimes which are committed everyday to go unpunished.

3. Evils of a social order – such as divisions and hatred, famine and poverty, exploitation and slavery, violence, terrorism and war.

All of the above mentioned EVILS can be seen by us and the only remedy is to PRAY to God in order to survive all of this. But it won’t be so easy as you think."

“A MAN’s HEART changes his countenance, either good or bad.” (Sirach 13:25)

And so in this context,  earthquakes, identified as evils of physical order will affect all of us as a result of a collective practice of evilness by the population? Is this how it is?