Living a 7.6 Earthquake on the last day of August

We didn't feel it here in the city being about 700 kilometers away or more from the places affected,  but the people, according to the  news  from those areas swear the earth shook  for more than a minute. They said they just stopped whatever they were doing, stood there as if they were waiting for something bigger to happen.. didn't they thought of praying at all :-(

People on TV said the earthqualke was felt in the eastern sections of  Samar, Leyte, the Bicol provinces and Eastern  Mindanao.

Not surprisingly, the earthquake,  says the news,  originated from the Philippine Trench. 

The Philippine Trench (also known as the Manila Trench) is a deep underwater trench that is caused by the collision of two tectonic plates (the Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian Plate) east of the Luzon island of the Philippines. The Eurasian Plate is subducting underneath the Philippine Sea Plate at a rate of approx. 16 cm/year. This tectonic activity causes most of the volcanic activity on Luzon, including the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.
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And then there was the expected tsunami which definitely affect the coastal towns of the affected provinces particularly those facing the Pacific Ocean .. disaster preparedness is up to the test.. again.. 

According to wikipedia, the last Philippine Trench tsunami occurred in January 11, 1693, more than 500 years ago,   and was instigated by a 7.6 earthquake and measured .06 meters when it reached land..