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Living and Travel

Travel and the  time of your life

At 25,  you start thinking of having your own family.  Exciting to be young. Dreamland, well it felt that way. The wedding and then just like in the movies the scenes played out right before your eyes,  the  trips back home with babies in your arms.  Blissful  love peppered  time.  But, there were sadness too.  Partner and all, children in tow.  Life punctuated with  christenings, countless birthdays, anniversaries,  and holidays. They all  added up to the glitter of  an already  full professional life. 

There were dozens of dull times too, making choices, praying that joyful times would drown out the noisy part of  both  job and  family.  In between being a daughter, mothering and the better halfing, the professional life seemed to have flourished as well. How could I have all done that? Not without the hard work. The  sleepless nights. Sacrifice looks like paying off. Now, it’s  time to reap the benefit of jobs well done, missions accomplished, and objectives fulfilled. Time to take a break.  Time for yourself.  You need to balance life. Time to indulge in everything that sustains energy.

And so here I am, far from being 25, travel catalogs in hand, glossing over the Caribbean holidays 2012.  Wouldn’t travel be a perfect way to bond?  Where do we go? It would be awesome to bring every single one in the  family.  My partner, the children, together with my grandchildren. How exciting could that be? I can just imagine the sights and sounds of  leisure. The  peace in  communing with the universe.  I can smell the st lucia holidays all inclusive. That should be fun, free and away from the negatives of everyday living. 

My ideal vacation really,  is to soak under the sun, enjoy  the healthy breeze of the sea, eat more and healthy, do my long overdue plan to read again,  and just enjoy the company of loved ones. Now what would be a good vacation plan? Maybe, Barbados holidays. Why not? See you there.

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