Living with Rainshowers in April

Used to be that in the months of March and April the searing heat in tropical countries  like ours drives all of us nuts. But weather aberrations due to ozone layer destruction has  resulted to what now appears  to be the unimaginable effects  of  climate change.  For instance cold mornings  and damp weather in summer .. similar to what's happening at this very moment,  with rain starting to  fall in drizzles, slowly growing  to palpable and very insistent heavy showers.

Har.. summer used to be sunny, bright weather, birds twitting endlessly,  with winds blowing gently, and  fruits generously waiting to be picked..
What has happened to our world? Have we been too irresponsible in our ways,  that we are now reaping  the consequences of our own abuse for nature?

There is still time I hope. We must do what is right for Mother Nature. Otherwise, doom will surely meet us at the end of the road.