Living after After Ondoy

 Now it's the WVFS

When the  Intensity 9  Fukushima  Earthquake devastated Japan, my partner and I became concerned - what do we do? Will we move our residence again? The reason? Our  place  right now sits on top of the West Valley Fault System (WVFS).

WVFS is an earthquake fault system that  traverses primarily  Quezon City, Marikina, and Pasig.  The system affects many subdivisions, including Loyola Grand Villas, then  proceeds southwest to Baranggay Barangka, moves southwards to Valle Verde.

"From Barangka, the fault follows the base of Eastern Q.C. high lands and gradually becomes less distinct".

We are concerned. Afraid,  yes. I have been  trying hard to contain the fear, unceasingly praying  that nothing devastating ever happens. Best of all, we are trying to prepare for the worst.

But to think that we're just recuperating from Ondoy.