Living with apparent Incompetencies

 Holes in the Screening Process?

Like it or not,  PNoy and his men will be in the news for 6 years.  Perhaps on a minute by minute basis. Because everyone is keeping an eye. Friends and family want PNoy  to succeed. Along with the people who voted for him, they want President Noy to perpetuate his parent's legacy -  Service to the People.

The new converts, sincerely moved  by his initial actions are also keeping tab. Many want him to do well.

By the same token, his enemies too are following the President's every move. Critics observe.  His cabinet men's every word  scrutinized. Actions constantly checked out.  

Majority of the Filipinos are full of expectations  for change. Under his command, people look forward to good governance. A corrupt free administration will  be a way of life, hopefully. The underprivileged are counting on PNoy. Gone will be the  grinding days of  daily  survival.  Asia's basket case image will finally be discarded.

But what is this? In the last two days, hugging the news are cases being filed against his appointees like  Secretary Singson  and MMDA Chairman Tolentino.  Plunder from shady deals, land grabbing and other corrupt practices are alleged.  If these are true, was there a failure in the screening process of his men? The President  himself admitted, it was a very difficult process. He did not know everyone who was recommended. So where there holes somewhere?

The men accused say these are all tactics of harrasment . Politics. 

I am praying hard,  they are just that.

God help our country.