Living and Three Days Before PNoys SONA

A few days before PNoy's SONA:

  • there's water crisis in some parts of Metro Manila
  • the President indicated during his speech at the Philippine Army Change of Leadership rites that he did not authorize the AFP to provide security during the water rationing or "pila balde"
  • PNoy's speech has undergone 5 revisions and still counting
  • the speech is rumored to tell us that the government PNoy inherited is almost bankrupt
  • overheard on the radio: what's with the Aquino's? During Cory's time there was energy crisis, today on Noynoy's Presidency, there seems to be water crisis?
  • overheard Presidential spokesperson Lacierda on radio: PNoy's speech is mostly really his own word
Most Filipinos' hope during SONA on Monday, July 26, 2010 -  for him to actually provide the hows in solving the problems  he inherited and prayerfully resolve those problems without new taxes.