Living with Gossip Again

Looks like Kris and James Marriage not a  Match made in  Heaven

Boy Abunda announced that Kris Aquino was unable to distribute her school supplies  promise to the children of Cebu because Kris is going through a tough time in her marriage. So what is new and why do we have to care?

No reason really. It's just that analyzing is a hobby. And makes me think I am analytical. That's why :-)

Whether we believe it or not, Kris A. is hot copy. She's earns millions (I think) from her product endorsements. She's had her share of scandals. Some like her, others don't. But people just love to watch her cry.  Make mistakes. And sometimes make  a fool of herself on TV. I have seen her expel loads of naso-pharyngeal   mucus while crying on her show over national television,  and I wonder, what could still be missing in this woman's life? True love perhaps? To begin with is she herself capable of love at all?

I realize that just like us  lesser mortals,  silver spooners like Kris Aquino, make boo-boos, goof  and bloop themselves deep into the founders of emotional abyss. The truth is money doesn't always buy you happiness.

My question is.. will she still allow husband James to join in PNoy's inagural ceremonies? Just curious.