Living and thanking taxpayers

From the time I was old enough to understand Philippine politics, the government:

1. has given me a free intermediate, tertiary and collegiate education - thank you
2. was able to build roads, bridges, hospitals, schools but proven not enough - more work from gov't
3. was unable to control population - I worry for the future generation
4. was unable to control urban migration - I have security and sustainability apprehensions
5.provided my mother her pension as a beneficiary of my father (he was in the armed forces and WWII) - thanks but no thanks?
6. proved a failure in generally taking care of the young,  the old  and those who are sick - disappointed and uneasy
7. have legislated so many laws but unable to provide protection to those who need protection - where do we go from here?
8. is very poor in managing disasters - what's the next step, please?
9. has overly taxed its citizens, I, included - anguish over hard earned money (taxes) into the pockets of corrupt gov't officials,
10.has miserably failed in providing good governance - I refuse to capitulate but can we migrate?

Last but not the least, personal conduct in our political system leaves much to be desired. As a private citizen and as a part of the political system, mine too I must admit,  sometimes :-(