Living with Automated elections techhnology or so they say

How technology seems to be failing the 2010 Philippine elections

Being a neophyte in automated elections, the Philippines is  now witnessing the erosion of  public confidence in COMELEC's promise of honest, orderly, and clean elections. Glitch after glitch, the PCOS machine is proving many skeptics of SMARTMATIC's reliability as a an election hardware/software vendor. After all, they have been given ample time, or were they?

Thanks or no thanks,  COMELEC seems to be bungling,  as many people predicted.. What is wrong?

Was this election designed to fail? What kind of planning strategies did COMELEC prepare? Or is there any plan at all?

We have to brace ourselves..  this  country is at the apex of  this very important political exercise. How we behave as a people will spell our doom or our exaltation.

Good luck and may God bless all of us!

Thanks to this site for the PCOS photo.

More comprehensive info on the PCOS machine here.