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Living and are you Looking for a Pre-School?

My daughter's friend Faye is running her own Pre-School within the Mandaluyong- Ortigas Center area. Prior to working abroad, my daughter used to run it with her. It wasn't easy in the beginning and remains more so now. Competition is tough. Large companies, setting up their own day care with pre-schooling facilities are becoming a trend. Not to mention that pre-schools are sprouting all over the place, one in every corner.

And if you're one who is concerned with that right now, the best thing to do is research. Due diligence will allow you to evaluate which is what  and where is who.

If not for your child, perhaps for a grandchild, a nephew or a niece or even for a friend's child, school must always be "right". Since "right" is a relative word here are some tips on what to look for; and match it with what you want and what you need.
1. How many teachers to number of students?
2. What is its reputation? Too expensive, uncaring staff, etc.
3. How long has it been operating? The longer in the business,  the better
4. What is staff turnover rate? Too high could mean existing problems.
5. Are teachers qualified? Do they have the necessary certifications?
6. What is the curriculum? You need to ask the method of teaching or learning scheme for its students.
7. What about location? Which do you prefer, near your home, your place of work, your spouse or whoever is in charge of bringing and fetching the child.
8. What is the organizational set-up of the school? What about disciplinary policies?  What about separation problems, how is it handled by the school?
9. Is child creativity encouraged? Does the the school environment look happy? Is the school clean, orderly? Do they have playgrounds?
10. Does the  school provide progress reports? How often?  Do they have field trips?
11. What are their tuition policies?

And most important, what is your gut feel of the school? You need to observe and observe well.

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