Living and A Video Game called Project Runway?

For about US$20 you can play project runway on your PC. In much the same way it is played in  actual TV show segments,  users will have to construct or design  clothes (choices provided by the game), pick your own make up for a model and present it on the site's virtual catwalk. Again, just like the show, the clothes will be represented virtually, with celebrity jurors  rendering  their respective judgements. It would be interesting to see how this game works. Something the owners can make money from, I bet. 

But unlike the  TV presentation,  drama may not be trully captured in the game version. Atari developed the game as licensed by the Weinstein Company, owners of the TV show, Project Runway.

It is said to be targetting girls aged 6 to 12.

This seems to be an inappropriate app for the target market. Just saying.

Check out the news link here.