Living with Earthquakes

Just Now,  6.1 Earthquake in Aparri, Cagayan

Because the Philippines is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, I am always nervous to hear of earthquakes occuring of  this origin. Just now the radio announced that Cagayan province shook from a 6.1 earthquake. It was a blessing that the earthquake occurred over the seas and did not touch  land.

A  6.1  measure is something that  can not be put aside. So,  how is the Philippines'  disaster preparedness capability? Has it been updated? No one is telling us.  Can ordinary citizens like us trust this  government that they have done their homework?

I wish Senator Gordon was already our President and Bayani Fernando his VP.  Two people,  tried and tested for their managerial and executive skills in dealing with disasters.

Will this just remain a wish? I hope to God,   not.