Living and Eco waste management

 If you need help in converting waste to energy try N-Viro

I wouldn't wish what happened to us even to my worst enemy. Parts of our country was devastated with Typhoon Ondoy flooding in September of 2009. Most of Metro Manila, including the city where I live, Marikina,  was almost totally submerged in muddy flood waters.

It was rumored that the flooding was not really caused by the rains from the typhoon. Some say that the untimely release of water from the dams, located in Northern Luzon,  all four of them,  caused the overflow down spiraling to Central Luzon, and then on to the National Capital Region;. What was not said by the authorities? The water was accompanied mostly by waste from the overflowing  landfills situated in the Eastern portion of Metro Manila.

I saw with my own eyes, the mind-boggling  amount of garbage that wreaked havoc into the homes located in Provident Village, where our home was.. stinky and dirty muddy flood waters. Could it have been possible that those responsible government  officials  took proactive steps by converting  all that waste to energy? We could have used the waste as an alternative energy source. All those waste could not  have been destructive.  

Couldn't they have consulted a company called N-Viro International Corporation. Weren't they aware that this company had the technology to process  garbage  into a form that could  enrich the soil, and turn  other  bio-organic garbage to something more useful?  Didn't they know that  N-Viro provides consultancy services and do in fact license its patented waste converter technology.