Living with the thought that the time to change is now

I am reprinting below some of the articulated plans of the Gordon-Bayani tandem regarding corruption and its attendant issues.

Please feel free to pass this on to your friends. We need to help disseminate  all  information available so we can elect the right officials who will govern this country for the next 6 years. An informed citizenry is required to save this country from further ruin.
Dear Friends,

Now that the campaign for president and vice-president is in full swing, Gordon and Bayani need you to join them in transforming our country. Together we will build a new future, without corruption and dishonesty, a future of opportunity, jobs and development. With your help success is guaranteed.

The first step is to eradicate corruption, the cancer that is eating away at the fiber of our society. Gordon and Bayani have a three-point plan which will clean the Philippines of corruption in three years.

1. Elected ombudsman
Politicians are able to go on stealing from the people because they appoint the ombudsman. Ombudsmen are only accountable to their corrupt politician friends, not to the people whose interest they should defend. Give people the power to protect their tax money. Give people the choice on who to prosecute for corruption. Let the people elect the ombudsman.

2. Tougher penalties and stricter enforcement

To end corruption we must create stronger disincentives against both giver and receiver. Our laws must be obeyed. President Gordon and vice president Fernando will ensure the rule of law is supreme. To create additional disincentives Gordon and Bayani will support minimum jail term for all acts of corruption, from small to big. In 3 years the Philippines will be as clean as Singapore.

3. No pardon for anyone convicted of corruption

Pardoning anyone or showing any leniency towards those convicted of corruption is what keeps the culture of corruption alive in the Philippines. In Olongapo Gordon was not afraid to arrest anyone, even policemen, suspected of corruption. In the Senate he was not afraid to ask for government officials to be arrested. He will put the corrupt in jail, whoever they are, and make sure they serve their terms.

The tide is changing. Honesty and integrity will defeat corruption and deceit. Together we will build a prosperous Philippines, with well-paying jobs, new opportunities and more rapid progress. Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando are the only ones with the record to back up their words. They did it in Olongapo, Subic Bay, Marikina and Metro Manila. Now they will do it for the entire Philippines.

Join the wave of change. You too can make change happen! Please spread the word about Gordon and Bayani, volunteer your time or donate to help us bring real, proven change to the Philippines.
Pagbabago. Sigurado.