Living with the Past

Unity for Filipinos in Cory's Death?

Just now, I saw on tv, Bongbong (plus wife), including Imee Marcos, attend the wake of former President Cory Aquino at the Manila Cathedral. Later, I saw Ballsy Aquino (I think), shaking their hands, perhaps as a thank you and welcome gesture.

I can't help but feel warm inside. As a Filipino, I have longed to see the day of real, honest to goodness unity. These gestures both from the Marcos and Aquino families might just be the start towards that end. Sana naman.

I know, deep in my heart that we can only move forward as a nation if we are all united.

To me, to move forward is to see the lesser among us have a better life.

Though my life is far from perfect, I sincerely hope that majority of Filipino families will enjoy what we had and have, and more:

-- like good education for their children. (I even have one, gone to and finished college for free {almost} at UP, and two, both finished, and one almost graduated [lacks 9 P.E. units]. hur

-- employment or small entrepreneurial activities for all or most family members
-- a clean, decent, comfortable and warm place to stay
-- 3 or more meals a day

Living condition more than all this is gravy.
Mababaw lang kaligayan ko. Translation: Material things don't matter much to me :-)