Living and Still on Cory

I have a copy of TIME Woman of the Year issue dated January 5, 1987. From my piles of important documents, I tried to find it this morning. And indeed it was there. Though a bit worn out, it was still okey. It bore my signature on the cover. Hur! Why did I have to do that? I look inside and on page 4 there it was written in bold white fonts Cory Aquino Leads a Fairy-Tale Revolution, Then Surprises the World with Her Strength

But then I get disappointed, her photo on page 5 was cut out. Hur!

TIME's piece on Cory's ascendancy to power pays tribute to Cory's "determination and courage in leading a democratic revolution that captured the world's imagination." The article also points out the role that "she has resuscitated its sense of identity and pride".

In the same issue, the piece entitled "A Christmas Conversation", Cory was asked who were the great influencers in her life. In response, he said that both her parents influenced her a lot. Her "mother saw to it that" they would, "appreciate everything" they had. "As she put it , it was not good to have anything in excess".

Words coming out of the mouth of someone who walked her talk. Pure simplicity. Sheer class. Good breeding.

Need we say more?