Living in Marikina City - The Lapel Pin

My partner gave me this lapel pin, a shoe emblem representing the industry for which Marikina is known for. Our Mayor MC Fernando gave him and his Korean business partners a couple of these pins, during a visit to the Mayor's office. The visit was about a business proposal offering the City with LUMINA eco-friendly and energy saving lighting systems. The proposal will save the city lots of money in terms of energy savings.

Seguey to getting the pin: I got curious about its history, where it was first used, etc. Also, I remember my partner also giving me the Mao-Tse-Tung pin which he got from a Vietnam trip, way, way back. I know I still have it somewhere in one of my memento boxes.

This is what Wikipedia says about lapel pins which I share:

"A lapel pin (also called "button" or "badge") is a small pin often worn on the lapel of a dress jacket. Lapel pins can be purely ornamental or can indicate the wearer's affiliation with an organization or cause; for example, American Flag lapel pins became very popular in the United States, especially among politicians, following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001".

"Lapel pins are frequently used as symbols of achievement and belonging in different organizations. Fraternities and sororities use lapel pins as the primary symbol for their organizations. Members wear the pins to meetings and special events to show their belonging to the organization. Lapel pins from the organization are often collected by members and non-members alike".

"Businesses also use lapel pins to designate achievement and membership. Lapel pins are a common element of employee recognition programs, and they are presented to individuals as a symbol of an accomplishment."

For more about lapel pins, see it here.