Living with Fake Mobile Phones

Fake Mobile Phones with Voice Altering Feature

Fake cellphones from China are circulating the black market. These phones are said to have voice altering feature: from male to female to child's.

I saw it on Unang Hirit awhile back. It was tested on cam by the program host and an NBI officer. The officer is saying that the phones can be used for unscrupulous pursposes if not crimes; hard to trace because they are smuggled, therefore not registered with the local National Telecommunications Commission.

I saw a site saying that India is flooded as well with these mobile phones. The site even spells out the models of the phones.

So what are they coming out with next?

Confidentially though, I like to test the gadget :-) joke!

Cheers everyone!


I hope I can afford to stay hopeful today. my neighbor's car is not on her street garage again and someone left very early for an early morning appointment; i am afflicted with paranoia again... :-(