Living and Dying: Cory Aquino is on TIME again

Who would not be proud of this woman? Some one so simple and yet noble in her aspirations not only for herself but for her faith, beliefs and country. I pray that God gift us soon with someone as good as Cory.

Former President Cory Aquino is on TIME's Aug 17, 2009 Asian Edition (Vol 174 No 6) cover again. "Corazon Aquino 1933-2009: The Saint of Democracy"

The article extols Cory Aquino's contribution in restoring democracy in the Philippines. It highlights the virtues she exhibited starting from the day, Ninoy Aquino, her husband was assasinated at the tarmac of the then Manila International Airport.

Thanks to Time's image I liberally borrowed.


My observations during the week that Cory was lying in state:

1. We heard nothing from El Shaddai, nor INK nor JIL
2. The Catholic Church gained so many pogi points as the days went on
3. That Kris might have been reared and loved by Cory but is not her daughter in terms of lifestyle choices; but the rest of the sister brood, I think are ( NO offense to Kris, please)
4. Delicadeza is really not in the vocabulary of some politicians who used the opportunity to advance their candidacies
5. Someone who used to be big is trying to use and hide behind Cory's legacy to perhaps, parry what seems to be coming in his direction
6. Why do some "political activists need to use Cory for their own political ends? Delicadeza, again please.
7. The military and the police may have earned pogi points as well. I hope it lasts
8. I salute the two Marcos siblings for their Christian but 'humbling' act of sympathy for the Aquino children
9. The networks, it seemed wanted to outdo each other in their respective media coverage. But the again, it's okey. We Cory followers benefitted.

Cheers for Cory!!!