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Living with old pots and pans

I need new ones.

I know this will look like a post that should have been included in my cooking blog. But, I guess that's alright. Cooking with all the accompanying accoutrement to concoct food is part and parcel of living. Right? And sooo, I write about things I want most at this period in my life - cooking tools and equipment.

It's been awhile that I bought anything new for the kitchen and that's kind of weird because, after 15 years of corporate marketing work, my kitchen and my dining areas now practically own me. My time, my care, including creative ideas to spruce these pieces of space are activities I love doing now.

And isn't it a swell idea to update or upgrade some of my kitchen tools who now are begging some time off from work. I became a member of shopwiki late last year. I was then fantasizing that someone would gift me a mini laptop computer. Scouring the web for specs as well as pricing information, led me to shopwiki. The truth is I was really impressed with the comprehensive style or format of the site. Never have I been to a site which offered all the practical and unexpected details, non-techies like me usually look for.

And now, as I again dream of refurbishing my small kitchen I go back to shopwiki for potential buys. What can shopwiki offer me and other shoppers out there? Cooking pans? I have been so dying to replace my old pots. I'd like to go back to the all-clad stainless steel type of pans. What I have now are mostly the non-stick anodized and they have served me well. I have no complains, really. If only I could afford those wonderful Dutch Ovens. That would be the day.

And this is what I found out also from the site when you are considering to buy cookware:

Size, Weight and Number
What size or sizes do you anticipate needing? Do you need more than one size?
Generally larger pans will serve you better, unless storage is a serious issue.
Will you be able to lift it comfortably even if it is full of water/sauce/chicken?

What material best suits your cooking needs? (Choosing Cookware Materials)
Are they attached firmly? heat resistant? long enough for your needs?
Does the pan come with the lid?
Is the lid made of glass? Will it get hot during cooking? Is it heavy enough? Does it fit snugly?

Cleaning and Maintenance
Is it dishwasher safe? Can you scrub/soak it? Will it need seasoning?

Gee, I never thought of these things before. And so if you are thinking of replacing your old pots, pans or any of your cooking tools, or perhaps, lucky to have a budget in purchsing additional small kitchen appliances, try shopwiki. You will never regret spending time in their site.

Me? I enjoyed browsing over the coutless products offered. To be exact, 215,187,279 products from every store.


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