Living and reflections on depression

Something to think about:

"Depression is rage directed inwards." Words from Lorraine Bracco's character in the hit TV series, The Sopranos. Makes me think: Rage? Me? Could it be that I have an enormous amount of rage in my mind?

By the way, The Sopranos is a TV series that "revolves around mobster Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) and the difficulties he faces as he tries to balance the often conflicting requirements of his home life and the criminal organization he heads". The show is noted for TV writing that's "heavily symbolic and had large number of psychological, philosophical, social and political themes and motifs".

"Frequently criticized for allegedly perpetuating negative stereotypes about Italian Americans. In 2000, Essex County officials denied producers permission to film on county-owned property, arguing that the show depicts Italian Americans in a "less than favorable light.""The Sopranos is the most financially successful cable series in the history of television and has frequently been described by critics as one of the greatest television series of all time. The show has been credited for bringing a greater level of artistry to the television medium and paving the way for many successful drama series that followed. It has also won numerous awards, including twenty-one Emmys and five Golden Globes".