Living with The Fool on the Hill

This post is dedicated to one of the best, if not the best entrecard dropper, ever for this blog.

Windmill on the Hill or Windmill, as he is also known is the man behind the "thousand voices talking perfectly loud". He thinks , "nobody ever hears him". On the contrary, it looks like he has gained so many blogging friends along the way. That sure includes me.

Thanks so much Windy.

My sincere appreciation Windmill on the hill!!!

I must not also forget to apologize for failing to return Windmill's daily drops. As previously mentioned somewhere in this blog, access to our computer has been deadly tough lately. Aside from that, it was nearly impossible to do ec dropping on this blog. Some technical issues I had with my ibanag in the city ec account got in the way. But since all these seem to have been resolved lately, I hope I will do better from now on.