Living with butt lift

Are you willing to wear one of this? It is supposed to lift sagging butts :-) For US$30, you can get a 'biniki', for a betterlooking butt, even if you really don't have one :-)

According to genius beauty "butt bra has been developed in the States. American psychologist Karin Hart registered the patent for her invention called Biniki. Hart says her extraordinary bra is going to make a saggy butt look real good. Narrow straps of a new bra go around your waist and fasten under your buttocks, lifting them to create the image of athletic and neat figure".

And that furthermore, "with unaffordable cosmetic surgery and wide scars left after buttocks lift, Hart challenged herself to create an underwear that could replace the effects of surgery. Searching for the best design idea, she stood in front of the mirror and tried a few options using self-adhesive tape until she found a successful one. Butt bra lifts and holds up the muscles where they need it, Hart explains".

But of course they also have something for the menfolk, something called 'maniki' :-0

Something for 2009? Hur! Hur!