Living the hopeful way

President Obama as a symbol of hope

In a couple of hours, the first African-American President shall assume his duly constituted office.

President Barack Obama's ascendancy to power is historic and recognized as a truly global event, even hoping to surpass the 1.2 Billion worldwide viewers of Princess Diana's burial.

Its significance lie mostly in the fact that racial descrimination, if only ideally shall be a thing of the past. Doesn't it seem just yesterday, when colored people suffered due to the color of their skin?

President Obama, including most of his young supporters, represent hope and change. Things happen for a reason, and only if the mind is determined. If this is any indication of how the young today 'do their thing', then I believe in my heart, that the future will be better for generations yet unborn.

It is a pity, the baby boomer generation wasn't able to put up to it. Sigh! It doesn't matter really, as long as the world looks brighter.

For the unbelievers out there, do I need to apologize for being overwhelmingly hopeful?