The Marikina I Like

I could never stop saying I not only like, but love Marikina. It is the city where I live. Our family have been residents for more than 6 years. Me and my partner decided, this is where we are going to be until everyone of all our children marry and have their own respective wives and children. Having said that, I can foresee thaaaattt, that may take a while :-)

And because it's love for the place that inspires us to stay on, I always welcome the unending mood of festivities the local government tries to offer its citizens, year in and year out. Take for example, the City's Christmas holiday program this year. The holiday flyers call it specifically as 'Marikina Christmas Festival 2008'. Not very imaginative but heck, reading the program gave me a warm feeling. Can I help it if I am a fan of MCF and BF? Make no mistake, I do not know them personally, but there's this kinship that's difficult to explain.

The actual program starts on October 30. Those are many weeks past, but here's the rest of the what they have in store for all those who care to enjoy:

6th week - Water Display Week December 8-14, 2008
Dec 8 12th Cityhood Celeb at Freedom Park
Rehiyon-rehiyon Festival (Marikina Sports Park)
Dec 8-11 Film Showing and Variety Show
Dec 12 Fishing Contest
Parlor Games, MWSS Exhibit
Live Band Performances
Dec 13 Make-over Janitor Fish
Fish Costume Contest and Parade
Live Band Performances
Dec 14 Comedy Skit
Manila Water Show

7th week - Raining Cats and Dogs Week December 15-21, 2008
Dec 15-18 Film Showing and Variety Show
Dec19 Live Band Performances
Marikina Employees Christmas Party at the Marikina Sports Park
Dec 20 Animal Show
Live Band Performances
Dec 21 Animal look-alike contest

8th week - Aqua Week December 22-28, 2008
Dec 22-25 Film Showing and Variety Show
Dec 26 Variety Show
Dec 27 Super Sireyna Contest
Dec 28 Group Dance Contest

9th week - Waterworld Week Dec 29 to January 04, 2009
Dec29-Jan 01 Film Showing and Variety Show
Dec 30 Rizal Day Commemoration (Freedom Park)
Year-end Concert and Fireworks Display (Riverbanks Amphitheater)

Jan 2 Live Band Performances
Jan 3 Live Ban Performances
Jan 4 Closing Ceremonies of Christmas Festival 2008

Should you need a specific information, please call:

Marikina Public Information Office
(632) 646 6451

Post Script:

If I get lucky, I'll try to take pictures of some of these cool happenings. Ifff I get lucky with my cam's batteries :-)