Crappy Tanduay TV commercial

I am glad that out of three adult male children only one actively drinks alcohol. The other two do not even drink nor smoke. But this guy, he does them all: drink, smoke, online games and way before, girls :-)

Obviously, alcohol is not exactly a drink I like for any of my loved ones. I have seen alcohol and its awful effects. I have seen it ruin a cousin, turning to be a bummer, instead of harnessing his potential. He used alcohol to indulge his personal problems. Eventually, alcohol led him to taste a "prison break". (if only very briefly) because we knew "very important" people.

So where is this all going?

I saw Tanduay's ad on TV. I was dismayed that they were using a car racing scenario to promote a particular alcoholic beverage. I don't see any sense at all. What are the ad makers thinking?

This is a very dangerous thing? It is like saying drinking is fun, is glamorous, provides an environment of competition, regardless, if you are racing a car. Whoa!

What a waste of advertising copy "talent", if at all.