My Very Own Laptop is Still Waiting for me - somewhere out there

As of today, I will no longer debate myself about what I prefer - whether it is a windows based laptop or a Mac, does not matter anymore. I have so decided that if anyone from my family will give me something that I will appreciate till my dying moments, it will be a laptop or a notebook. My decision is based on the fact that I know better now than yesterday because I have the best information about the laptop or notebook that I want and that I need, at the tip of my fingers.

Consider this site as the mother of all guides when you have come to a computer buying decision. Desktop vs laptop? Issues such as features or user friendliness or productivity, portability, multi-media or gaming capabilities among others are essential. Your needs according to your budget, information provided will help lead you to the right direction. For a moment there, I didn't completely know what to make of chip speed or CPU. Now, I understand better thanks to information, you can find here.

Still looking for Macs, or Dell, Toshiba, HP brands or other top notch laptops, be sure to check this out. And more. Peripheral issues such as new mice technologies, wireless cards, laptop batteries, headphones, as well as laptop docking stations, which I didn't know even existed can be found in one single comprehensive space. What a relief!