Yogi's Weblog

I came across Yogi's weblog and I must say that the topics posted are as varied as you can have.

The blog is practically about sports and travel, including posts on art, education, tamil movies and film news, health care, general news, product reviews, software, technology, and about wallpapers.

But, I love his review on milk ads though, compiling them in a single space which delighted me because I love milk and milk is incontestably a healthy drink especially the non-fat kind. Through this post I was able to kind of evaluate which were the better copies for a 'drink milk ad' campaign. Yet, I think it was hard to choose. All the milk ads gave clear messages surrounding the concept that milk is undoubtedly good for the body -- and celebrity or not it has been and shall always be an excellent health beverage.

If only for this, I sure am happy I found Yogi's blog.