The social networks I missed part I

I have been busy visiting a lot of sites. So far I have visited some of my blog catalog and bloglog friends which I haven't been to since I got isolated almost 2 months ago. I enjoyed every minute of it. It looks like I am on track again. I wish it would stay this way for a long time. Time to put my laws of attraction to practice.

I must also admit that I noticed that if I do a good number of entrecard drops my site stats improve as well. But I am still trying to better organize how to do this. I downloaded ec bar recently and yes, it somehow eased the job a little bit, especially if the connection is excellent. If only I have enough blogging resources like computer access and free time.

That's okey. I am counting my blessings every single day.



I still have to do my technorati, stumble and perhaps get serious about my twitter account, including my face book and multiply accounts.

I wish myself luck :-)