Marikina City Police Memorial Day

This is a post about the Police Memorial Day in Marikina City.

Every month of September the Marikina City government commemorates the death of police officers who die in the gallant performance of their duties. It has been a program spearheaded by the Marikina Civic Action Team, to serve as an inspiration to Marikina's men in uniform in promoting 'peace and order with dedication and and excellence'. Under this program, policemen who die performing gallant service are buried in a special memorial site donated by the Loyola Memorial Park, also in Marikina. The act serves to boost the morale of the local police force, 'recognizing their strengths and sacrifices' , for the good of the community.

I have been privileged to participate in the preparation of the first ever Souvenir Program for the Police Memorial Day. And within those pages lie a fitting tribute written by one of the Marikina Civic Action Team (CAT) members.

The article entitled, "On Hallowed Grounds", salutes the real meaning of bravery and gallantry, as exemplified by Marikina City's finest.

Excerpts from that tribute which rings true to this day:

"It is often ironic that the lives men lead veer towards an uncharted route. Yet in a single defining moment, they come face-to-face with a fate that has been marked by destiny; where a split decision will measure the mettle of true men, or expose the pretensions of those who are worthless. In these instances, where fate moves its huge hands and the difficult choices are made; we separate those who will be dishonored by a thousand deaths and those who will be honored on hallowed ground."

"The Police Memorial site was created to acknowledge the uncompromising service and ultimate sacrifice by the men who lie within. It is an entire city's privilege to have been endowed with the services of these men; and the gratitude expressed by the community, through this memorial, cannot even measure up to the dedication they have unselfishly given. These men provide the evidence that the values and virtues being extolled are not merely empty rhetoric but proof that these are structured real lives. There is no way we can ever really know them, but the example that they have set would be the parameters by which we conduct our lives and fulfill our duties and responsibilities. Each stone marker is a reminder of a life worth emulating in the police force. These are affirmations that such men with such values and virtues exists; that such men with such devotion had walked amongst us; that such men with such dedication had come to pass. These men made this memorial stand on hallowed ground."