Bloganol contest giving away $25

Bloganol's blog has served his friends and readers well with lots of freebie templates, blogger hacks and blog monetizing tips. And what do you know? He recently launched a contest to increase readers, his backlinks and blog comments.

Of course, all contests have rules to help you win and so here they are:

1. Write a post about this contest in your blog
2. Subscribe to its RSS Feed via Email.
3. Leave a comment on his post

Everyone is invited to participate in the contest.The name of the winner shall be published within the last week of September 2008. The prize will be given to the winner within a week after the result is published. All the names of participants will be published at the results page.

To recap:

Contest URL: Bloganol

Prizes: $25 plus 1,000 Entrecard Credits

Deadline: September 30, 2008