Another blog contest but bigger prizes

Here's another contest I am joining not only because the prizes are bigger but because the site owner, Jake is generous and bold as well to test his theory that throwing a comment competition will help increase the number of his backlinks. Succeed or not, in the end, it may be money well spent.

Contest rules as I understand it:

1. I earn a point for 1 comment.

2. I also earn 5 points by referencing his website in a post on my blog with a link

3. I get 10 points by posting a single post in my blog which exclusively talks about this competition.

Furthermore, "spamming will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Commenting is highly encouraged so unless it is blatant spam or a +1 or something along those lines it will be a valid comment. Talking back and forth with each other is acceptable, talking to yourself is not."

The prizes I might get to win:

1st place - $200 USD
2nd Place - $25 USD
3rd Place - $15 USD
4th Place - $10 USD
5th Place - $1.37 USD

I hope this is payable through Paypal.

Contest "ends 10 Oct 2008.

So I guess, to those of you who might be interested, join now.


I have already earned my 16 points I think.