This is no junk toy story

Here's an interesting recycling thing I found on the web which is even children can do. It's a nice way to teach children about recycling. And best these are considered toys for children and I bet even adults can do this and both can make some money from it.

Calling Marikina City.

I found it here.

And thanks to site, where I got the link.

"These funny clowns are made at the spectacular Foz do Iguacu (Iguasu Falls), which sits at the point where Brazil meets Argentina and Paraguay. Here, there are always beautiful, lush green plants growing everywhere, so no wonder the kids there have incorporated grass into their toys!. Meet the Grass Head Clown, which is often decorated with the colors of rainbow, the same colors created from the mist of Iguassu Falls which falls along 350-foot cliffs of river".

"The child who made this particular toy used all recycled materials: a pair of her mother's old stockings, a piece of scrap ribbon, sawdust she found lying around her father's wood shop, and a small handful of grass seeds. As a result of assembling all this 'junk' together she has a toy that's fun for any boy or girl to make and play with...especially if they like to cut hair! These toys have become so popular in Iguassu Falls that some of the children make them and sell them to tourists who come to see their town. So they are not only toys, but they are also a way for the children to make a little money of their own".

I think if ever we'll have something like these in Marikina, we will design them to look like our beloved MMDA Administrator BF and Mayor MCF. Oooohh, that sounds like a cool idea.