Room with a view

Life is never easy in the city. The rising cost of living due to the escalating price of oil is making everybody feel hell is right here, now on earth. Hell it is, if we live without the usual utilities. How do I blog without the laptop or the desktops? How do I cook our favorite dishes? How do I get to watch my favorite celebrity chefs and celebrity travelers on TV? Oooohhh. That would be oh so not fun. ( Spoken like a true blue Gossip Girl fan) :-) I am thinking silly. Life is more than all these things combined, right. Oh yeah? Wrong!

So when life wears me down, I look outside my side of the bedroom window and this is what I see.
Having to gaze at all these inanimate and seemingly cold rooftops, electrical wirings, and lording it over them makes me feel bigger than how I feel at that precise moment. I grow, believe you me, relaxed somehow, in complete control.

I realize that city living has taught me to stare at rooftops, to while away the time, to get a better grip of what seems to be an overwhelming feeling of getting drowned with no life guard in site. The truth is the view actually leaves me less panicky. Ah, yes. The trees remind me that there is a God somewhere out there.

I think this is not a good day for me. And shoudn't I be posting this in my wellness blog?