Money matters in old age, please don't believe otherwise

My financial life is marked with ups and downs. Early on, while business was very good, I had been privileged to smell the roses, so to speak. Yes, but as expected, nothing lasts forever. The 'wild abandon' years went by, so fast, the consequential thorns made my hands bleed.

So how do you deal with the prospect of a gloomy and financially cash-strapped retirement? I hate to speculate, but this early, I could already smell the loneliness enveloping the air. It would be inappropriate for me to talk about the details. Suffice it to say, that money is not everything, yes, but it sure is wise to save up some. For the rainy days, to have something when you get sick and perhaps, if it wouldn't be much to ask, to enjoy retirement.

I say, while there is time, study your options. Seek trustworthy assistance. Plan your financial future, not tomorrow, not next month, not when you receive a substantial amount of income, nor cash but NOW!!!.

There is no better gift you can give your loved ones than having your future financially secured.