Frank, you've hurt so many people

Yes, he did. Typhoon Frank was slowly coming in at about 9:00 in the evening on June 21 in Metro Manila. I could feel the that this was no ordinary breeze. It was definitely cold, blowing like hyperventilating winds, loudly wheezing its velocity that smelled nothing but disaster. I was near our bedroom window trying to tweak one of my blog's templates when I suddenly shivered. I wondered WTF is happening. Please excuse the abbreviated profanity.

Just as my partner arrived from a get-together, the wind was really blowing hard. I had to close the windows. But I thought the tropical storm was somewhere in Mindanao?

We couldn't sleep. We were watching the History Channel. At about 2:30 in the morning, the winds began lashing, pouring all its strength against the roofs and the trees. My blood pressure was acting up. I prayed hard, not so much Lord. Spare us, as always.

I guess it was already 4:00 when we fell asleep.

And so when I woke up there were no TV, phone, computer, electricity. Every things gone.

At last Meralco came back at about 11:00 A.M. I think. I immediately tuned in to the radio. As expected, tragedy after tragedy, the airwaves are slowly being fed with unpleasant news. Flooding, destruction to property and worse, deaths.

PGMA was said to be rabid about the sea tragedy that met one of Sulpicio Line's ships.